Mardi Gras Spirit Events partners with the Varsity Family Plan!!

Varsity Family PlanThe Varsity Family Plan was introduced on a limited basis in the spring of the 2006-2007 season, and since then we are pleased to announce that well over 500 gyms have participated in the program. The Family Plan has distributed over two million dollars in rebates to participating programs, making it the largest and most lucrative rebate program offered to the All Star industry. We look forward to continuing to increase participation for the 2010-2011 competitive season. The following information will help you understand the program and guide you through the tools to participate.

Program Description:
The Varsity Family Plan for All Stars is a program that allows your gym to benefit through a unique revenue sharing formula directly tied to your participation in Varsity and partner events. This program has been developed because we understand and appreciate the challenges you face each year in conducting an outstanding operation. We want you to be successful… and we want to help contribute to that success! The Varsity Family Plan for All Stars creates an additional revenue stream for you and your gym without you incurring any additional expense.

Here’s how it works:

1. Follow the 4-3 formula. Elect to attend at least 4 of any of the over 300 competitions conducted by Athletic Championships, ACA, All Star Challenge, American Cheer Power, Cheer Ltd., Mardi Gras Spirit Events, NCA/NDA, Spirit Celebration, UCA/UDA, WSF, American Championships, Spirit Sports, Spirit Cheer, CHEERSPORT, Universal Spirit and USA making sure to select at least 3 different brands. 4 events – 3 brands

2. As you attend various events throughout the competitive season you will accumulate rebate dollars. As you reach certain spending thresholds your rebate percentage increases dramatically.

Varsity Family Plan Revenue Sharing Formula

  Amount Program
Spends Rebate
  $        1 - $29,999
  $30,000 - $49,999
  $50,000 - $74,999
  $75,000 - $99,999
  $100,000 +

Example #1:

80 all stars x 5 events x $80 (avg. price for events) = $36000
$36000 x .12 (rebate percentage) = $4,320 rebate back to the gym

Example #2:

130 all stars x 5 events x $80 (avg. price for events) = $52000
$52000 x .15 (rebate percentage) = $7,800 rebate back to the gym

Example #3:

200 all stars x 6 events x $80 (avg. price for events) = $96000
$96000 x .20 (rebate percentage) = $19,200 rebate back to the gym


3. During May, 2011 you will receive a check for the entire amount of credit earned throughout the 2010-2011 competition season.

4. On certain events where spectator admissions, hotels, transportation, theme park tickets, etc. may be included in the price, you will only be credited for the amount of the actual registration fee.

5. In order to qualify for the 2010-2011 Varsity Family Plan, you must participate in four (4) events conducted by a minimum of (3) different Varsity brands.

6. To activate this program, please go to www.allstar.varsity.com and register. 

A representative from our company is planning to contact you soon to follow up with more details.  In the meantime, if you have questions feel free to contact us at ALLSTAR@varsityspirit.com or by calling toll free 877-366-6387.